Googleplex, Inc.—Scenic Mural Artist

Googleplex and its founder, artist Paul Barker, create astonishingly realistic scenic murals for zoos, aquariums, museums, restaurants and theme parks nationwide. Their backgrounds for zoo habitats are so photo-realistic that some animal inhabitants have tried walking into them or picking plants out of them.

Three decades of producing mural art on a grand scale have made Googleplex one of the premier scenic art firms in the country—masters of the muralist’s art. In zoo exhibits and museum dioramas, their perfect mimicry of three-dimensional elements such as trees and rocks adjacent to the murals makes the transition from reality to painted illusion nearly undetectable.

Googleplex’s range of subject matter is virtually unlimited, extending from sunken coral reefs and arctic ice shelves to the recreation of historic scenes and ancient Aztec frescoes. Styles range from cartooning to French Impressionism to the Old Masters. Scales can range from tiny maquettes to walls sixty feet tall and, in one wildlife museum, fifteen hundred feet long.

Paul Barker’s vast experience with projects large and small has required him to develop methods allowing for astonishing speed, along with proficiency at such skills as disguising unwanted wall elements into the murals. His friendly, cooperative, problem-solving approach leaves behind him a legacy not only of beauty but of delighted clients.

Googleplex Murals, Paul Barker, (312) 320-2764,