Brookfield Zoo Great Bear Wilderness

Great Bear Wilderness exhibit at Brookfield Zoo near Chicago. Done late 2009 or mid-2010, a huge outdoor job of faux rock in which I had to match the colors, textures and shadows of adjacent three-dimensional rock work on a tremendous number of two-dimensional surfaces, mostly of CMU block, and concrete slabs.

There were also several gigantic steel doors with pneumatic opening hardware that I disguised as faux wood. This job required the longest boom truck I could rent, which frequently got stuck in deep mud or loose dust or mulch, and sudden rainstorms frequently washed away much of a day’s work. But it turned out well, and I was pleased that the new Director, Stuart Strahl, was initially unable to differentiate the 3-D rock from my 2-D illusion.

Can you see where the rock ends and my paint begins?