Chickasaw Cultural Center

This is an elegantly designed cultural museum highlighting the history of the Chickasaw People, including the infamous “Trail of Tears” forced relocation. The most interesting exhibit for me was an immersive environment recreating the Native American vision of the afterlife, a white spirit forest with white totem animals. Walking through its winding trails was a solemn experience.

Near the end of the job I had a big opportunity to display my cultural ignorance. Most of the input on my murals came from several conventional-looking men in business suits. I finally asked one of them when I’d get to meet some of the Chickasaws. They looked at each other and replied, “We ARE the Chickasaws.” Oops.

There’s a brief but attractive YouTube video showing some of my work at the Center, which has expanded a good deal since I was last there.

Still photos show up on the Web regularly, such as here and here.

The Center’s own website features photos of the Spirit Forest.