The Discovery of Lost Iluria

In 1877 a British ancestor of mine, Sir Miles Yardley-Furlong, wrote a memoir of his discovery of a lost civilization in the headwaters of the Amazon. His claims were incredible in the original sense of the word, as in, unbelievable. But the tale is so entertaining I decided to publish the manuscript in late 2011.

Novel for young adults by muralist Paul Barker under pseudonym Sir Miles Yardley-Furlong

Also discovered with the manuscript were several large paintings of his fantastic adventure, some which appear above. I included the paintings in the book as illustrations.

The book, The Discovery of Lost Iluria, or The Last Earthly Eden, is available for sale at Lulu Press in a paperback edition.

The book is also available as an ebook edition for reading on your Kindle (2nd generation or later), iPad, Nook or other e-reader.