Erie Zoo Main Building Hyrax, Lemurs, Waterfall

My first job with the Erie Zoo came in 1991, the beginning of a long-term relationship.

The main building’s hallway featured a waterfall leading the way to an assortment of animal exhibits: hyraxes, lemurs, leopards, and my soon-to-be long-term friend, Samantha the gorilla.

First, the hyrax exhibit. In case you’ve never heard of a hyrax, it’s a cute, furry animal with a short tail, about the size of a small dog, and related, oddly enough, to elephants.

Mural for Erie Zoo's hyrax exhibit, main building, by Paul Barker of Googleplex

Thanks to films like Madagascar, most people these days know what a lemur is. Here’s the one picture I have of the lemur exhibit:


You’ll find separate posts for the lowland gorilla exhibit and the leopard exhibit. Here’s the other shot I have of the mural behind the waterfall: