MacLean Power Systems Lunchroom

Lunchroom murals MacLean Power Products Addison Illinois by Paul Barker of Googleplex

Murals in the lunchroom at MacLean Power Systems in Addison, Illinois, formerly Reliable Power Products.

Before I corresponded with clients electronically, this last photo was among the most effective sales tools of my mural career:

Murals at MacLean Power Products in Addison Illinois by Paul Barker

For several years I used postcards of this shot for promotion, because not only can you see my smiling face but the shot demonstrates two of the skills that have helped me succeed as a muralist: achieving an impressive degree of realism and the ability to disguise wall features like doors that insist on being in the middle of a painted wall. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if I weren’t standing in the doorway you wouldn’t know the door was there.

But those postcards were printed on a rough-matte stock that defied my scanner whenever I tried to create a digital copy I could attach to an email. Luckily for me, my business manager, Alyce, is skilled with Paint Shop Pro and rescued it from the obscurity of my Hopeless Pre-Digital Photos collection.