Montford Point Exhibit at the Marine Corps Museum


At the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, in 2006 I did all the murals, eight or nine big ones, for the first phase exhibits (from the beginning of WWII to the present) and then in 2010 an even greater number for the second phase exhibits (from 1775 to the end of WWI).

In early January of 2014 I was called back to do a single diorama mural for a new exhibit about the training of African-American Marines as tank crews during WWII at Montford Point, a part of the huge Camp Lejeune training base in North Carolina.

While I was working, Gwenn Adams, the Museum’s Public Relations Chief, appeared and asked to do an interview. She took several photos and was kind enough to post them along with a nice write-up in a photo album called “Muralist Brings NMMC Walls to Life” at the Museum’s Facebook page.

The write-up, unlike most of my experience with press coverage, is 100% accurate. With the Marine Corps, even the civilians have to be squared away!