Traditional Residential Murals

I have painted murals for residential clients across the United States on a wide variety of themes.

First up in the above photo gallery is a portion of a long Hawaiian-themed mural featuring a beach, a hammock, cabanas, an ocean view and mountainous island in the distance, for the Abraham family’s basement rec room in one of the outer suburbs of Chicago. I did the original mural in 1990 when I was doing primarily residential work. A few years ago, the Abrahams unearthed my contact info and got in touch to report that the mural had been ruined in a basement flood. Could I reproduce it? It had become their family tradition for teen-aged Abrahams and their friends to get their prom-night photos taken in front of the mural. I had photos of the original but they approved an upgraded composition, which is now available for the next wave of promsters.

Other pictures above include Peter Pan dueling Captain Hook for a child’s bedroom, a bathroom mural for a client in another Chicago suburb showing the family’s beloved boat in the water, and an evening scene-on-the-Seine in Paris that adds an 18th-Century elegance to my downtown Chicago client’s oval dining room.

The photos below help illustrate my clients’ diverse imaginations. Don’t miss a Mostly True Tale about one of my residential clients.