Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure Museum

In Salina, Kansas, contiguous to the Rolling Hills Zoo, is the Wildlife Museum, both privately owned. The Museum is an amazing solution to a little-known problem: the overall decline of interest in taxidermy. The owner knew hunters who could not find a home for their animal collection once they had gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds. In a brilliant display of “re-purpose, recycle, reuse,” he created a museum with environmentalism and conservation as its theme.

The animals appear in appropriate scenery that also contains animatronic people delivering the message of wise management of natural resources. The winding pathway that visitors walk through the 50′ by 400′ building takes them on a journey past the wildlife of all the world’s continents. The background murals, incredibly varietal, were a maximum of only 16 feet high, but I calculated that if they were connected end-to-end, the mural would be 1,554 feet long.

The Museum’s website features¬†some nice shots of my murals.