Science City at Union Station

This 1999 project was the re-purposing of the huge Union Station building in Kansas City. A large part of it became Science City. My contribution was to add a cloudscape in back of a tall stone promontory, a wide prairie vista in a large stairwell with a treeline running up the stairs, and, on the first landing, images of the Mississippi as it looked prior to being clean up and “civilized.”

But the most interesting aspect was creating a backdrop for a room full of moving dinosaurs. Because they were to be situated on rather barren, tan mounds, almost like sand dunes, I had the challenge of making a quick transition from forest to dunes. I decided on making the room appear to be in a washed-out river bed, thus explaining its lack of foreground vegetation.

I wish I could take credit for suggesting the lightning bolts; they were the designer’s idea. I think they add some drama to an otherwise dull landscape.