News at Eleven

I’ve been interviewed for local TV newscasts on a number of jobs. As I mentioned in my Mostly True Tale, Why They Call It Windows, I’ve recently been editing some of these videos for this website. Here are the news interviews uploaded so far gathered together in one place. Continue reading

Erie Children’s Zoo

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Erie Zoo Kiboka Tree House TV Studio

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I was introduced to Samantha in 1991 when the Erie Zoo hired me to do scenic murals in the assorted animal exhibits of the main building, which included Samantha’s day room. The faux-rock guys had preceded me and turned two walls into natural-looking rock formations with artificial plants. Continue reading

Tale of the Tree House

In 2012 I spent a week working at the zoo in Erie, Pennsylvania, over the cusp of October into November. In size Erie has a relatively small zoo, but in quality, energy and ambition, Erie ranks with the best and biggest. For the first time, I was designing and supervising the building of a TV studio set. Continue reading